A Blue Sky Dream!

A Blue Sky Dream!

A Blue Sky Dream!A Blue Sky Dream!A Blue Sky Dream!

I would like to open an art gallery/coffee bar in 

McAllen, TX

Wendy Gilbert the.wendy.lady@gmail.com


The Idea

Art Gallery


I want to create space where local artists have the opportunity to show and sell their art on a regular basis. As part of a coffee bar, the art has an opportunity to been scene by people that might not always attend a gallery.  Art would rotate every two months with a show opening event. Some shows would be a single artist take over while others would be a group show. The Art and Coffee Company would receive a commission on what was sold. 

Art Making


The Art and Coffee Company would host art making events such as "Painting with Coffee" and Saturday Morning Art Making, an event I currently host at the McAllen Creative Incubator.

Coffee & other Beverages


The Art and Coffee Company  would offer a menu of coffees, teas  and smoothies. Additionally it would offer a few dessert options possibly contracted from other local businesses.

Looking for Investors

About Me

I am an artist and visual arts teacher in the public school system. I am co-owner of The G Squared Collaborative at The McAllen Creative Incubator. I am looking to make a career shift.

Looking for Expertise

I am looking for expertise and help writing an in-depth  business plan including a budget for this enterprise

I am looking for mentors in the coffee and beverages arena.  

Need Investors

I can invest sweat equity and my knowledge of the arts but as a public school teacher, I do not have the money to get this business started. I am looking for people willing to invest in the business financially in order to provide a location, furniture and inventory to get us going. 

Contact me

Wendy Gilbert

If you are interesting in helping me write an business plan or you  would like to invest, you can contact me at the.wendy,lady[at]gmail.com